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Innovative Instructional Leadership: Final Course Reflection

Innovative Instructional Leadership: Final Course Reflection

The following course reflection aligns with my E-Portfolio for my Innovative Instructional Leadership Course (link below)

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Which artifact are you most proud of? Why?

The artifact that I am most proud of is the Reimagine PD Event. I am part of a group that is making a clear and innovative change to how pd is done in an educational institution. So often people just accept the status quo. We are actually putting ourselves out there and saying that yes! it can be different!

What artifact could you have improved the most? How?

The empathy artifact is something that I could have improved upon. I think that empathy interviews take time and while I completed the assignment, I wish that I could have spent more time diving into understanding why our students, teachers, and admin feel the way they feel about professional development. It's a topic that needs a deeper understanding as in the past people have more often accepted it for what it is. Now we are needing to make a connection with how professional development aligns with what we do in the classroom.

What was your biggest challenge in this course? Why? 

My biggest challenge was understanding the objectives of the group. When working as an individual, we are easily able to see our objectives and build a clear path to achieve them. When working with a group, there must be constant communication to make sure paths and objectives are clearly stated. A lot of work goes into the task of achievement and it's important that the work aligns with what is to be accomplished.

Were you able to overcome that challenge? How?

The challenge was overcome at times and looked past at others. As the cohort developed the Reimagine PD experience, we shifted methods of implementation and overall presentation. Much of this was due to limited time and involving a new professional development committee. Moving forward I would work to outline clearer and more concise objectives on a weekly basis prior to implementing a project such as this. 

What skills did you learn that will benefit you the most as an educator, as a leader?

I learned countless skills in this course which will help me to become a better leader. The most important is my ability to dig deeper into the issue prior to finding a solution. This directly aligns with the design-thinking process. While it seems and time redundant, at the end of the process we discover the importance of each step. It is important to take the time to focus on the process, not just the end result. 


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